The Brand

Our designers present a nice selection of quality fashion accessories,

edited by exclusive Franco-Japanese brands.
Most of these products are collaborations specially designed by

Brigitte and Tanaka with the brand in question.

Our products are being created using the best materials.

Our Store in Paris

The two designers were able to create, after more than two years of work, a universe out of time,

where nothing is left to chance, and in which is a panel of unusual products.

Marked by a subtle combination between their two cultures –

French & Japanese – and two eras – old & contemporary, this concept store is unlike any other.

The Designers

Brigitte Tanaka is a fictional character, personified by a
Franco-Japanese designers duo.
These two creators are always on the lookout for quirky pieces to adapt
and make their own, transforming them into modernn objects before showcasing
them in their new boutique located just outside the Parisian church of SaintRoch.

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